inlingua Plus: Blended Learning

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is not a new concept. The term blended learning has been used in language teaching since before 2007, but the components of blended learning have changed radically as technology has progressed. The term blended learning generally refers to a combination of face-to-face teaching and online learning. If you consider a broader definition, the origins of blended learning could be traced back to the days when cassettes were available for home study along with coursebooks. In any case, an autonomous study element (usually electronic) is combined with face-to-face language training. Now inlingua has the facilities and experience to implement blended learning in different forms depending on the requirements of the learner or client. For an overview of blended learning models click here .

inlingua Plus

inlingua Plus is the name of inlingua’s blended learning offers. inlingua Plus has been designed to offer flexible blended learning programs to suit the needs of our clients and learners.

inlingua Plus Components


The face-to-face component of inlingua Plus is provided by experienced inlingua language trainers at the inlingua center near you. You can book the live sessions at times that are convenient for you. Alternatively, you can experience the teaching time in a virtual classroom situation or a combination of live and virtual lessons. Material can be provided in hard copies or in electronic form with the inlingua flex-e-book. The flex-e-book language app is available for Android and iOS-tablets, as well as Smartphones (NEW!).

inlingua Online Learning

iOL is inlingua’s online learning component. iOL comprises thousands of interactive written exercises in the main European languages with video and audio components and a virtual language lab for speaking practice. This component is used for home study and is available on personal computers, tablets and smartphones for easy access anywhere. The exercises can be set to align with the coursebook or customized to suit the needs of individual learners or groups. Tailor-made exercises can also be added to cover the specific needs of a company, group or individual. iOL has many additional features.

Conversation Classes

This third component is an optional extra. Conversation classes are conducted on topics covered in the course attended. Learners can register for conversation classes and then book their own classes. This facilitates a further communication possibility with contact to other learners internationally in a virtual environment.

Flipped Classroom

inlingua Plus is designed to be trainer led (The Face-To-Face Driver Model) but a flipped classroom can also be organized with the online component preceding the face-to-face lesson at some centers.

How it Works

Corporate clients or individual learners contact the inlingua center to discuss their requirements. Some needs analysis and testing will be performed – inlingua has sophisticated online testing apps to check the level of each learner. Once the requirements have been agreed upon and a suitable blend agreed, the center administrator will set up access to the course for the learner(s). Help is offered by the local center and this is backed up by experts at the inlingua International Office in Bern, Switzerland. Progressive checks and periodical tests ensure progress is achieved. Reports can be generated on demand. Once a course has been completed and a language level attained, learners can continue seamlessly to the next course, if desired. Certificates of competence are issued by the inlingua center.

The Benefits of inlingua Plus

inlingua Plus promotes active learning as learners need to develop an element of autonomy to complete a course. It also allows learning to continue when schools close: online learning and some conversation courses can be accessed during non-office hours.

inlingua Plus presents pedagogical richness and opens access to knowledge while facilitating social interaction and personal agency. It offers cost-effectiveness for the learner and the inlingua center.


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