How Structure Supports Your Language Goals

Do you want to achieve your language goals? Consistency and structure can be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning a foreign language. But what is efficient structure and how can you implement it in your weekly calendar?

Develop a Consistent Routine

Study Routine, Learning Structure

Envision yourself in a few months’ time.

What is your language learning goal and how quickly would you like to achieve a new level? How much time per week can you devote to this goal?

Think about how you can develop a consistent routine, allocating specific time periods for learning. Committing yourself to a weekly schedule has a positive influence on achieving your long-term goal. Ideally, you set aside 2-3 hours at a time and take short breaks every 45 minutes or hour. It can also be helpful to review your notes at the end of each week. Schedule your learning sessions in your calendar.

Identify the Key Areas to Cover

Identifying Key Learning Objectives, Structured Learning, Learning Structure

What is the reason behind your language goal? And what skills would you like to focus on?
Whether you need to practice your speaking skills for your job or attain a certain level to be accepted at a University, depending on the goal you have set, you will have different priorities.

At inlingua, we believe that you learn a new language by speaking it. That is why we focus on the oral skills first, followed by improving your reading, listening, and writing skills.

Once you have set your learning objective, your path to reach your goal will be more clearly visible.

Find a Learning Partner or Start an Online Study Group

Learning structure, study group

For most of us, being accountable to ourselves simply is not enough to be committed to learning. If you struggle with procrastination, it can be beneficial to start a new habit with a close friend, colleague, or family member. You will not only have someone with a similar goal to share your next milestones with but also to help you overcome obstacles. That way, you surely will not give up so quickly.

You do not have the option to meet in person? Then you might also want to check if there is an online study group available.

Finally, having a learning partner or belonging to a study group can be a real boost and make learning more enjoyable.


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