Conclusions from the Virtual Classroom Survey

During the COVID-19 pandemic many inlingua centers shifted their focus to digital service delivery through virtual classrooms. In such uncertain times, it is important to understand how customers, in our case learners, adapted to the new situation. inlingua International conducted a multilingual user-survey with voluntary participants from the learner population (≈10,000) on the my.inlingua platform between 29 May 2020 and 12 July 2020.

The geographic distribution of responses was uneven. In addition to analyzing the data globally, data from those countries that generated the most responses was split into three focus categories for analysis: Mexico (144 responses), Germany (116 responses) and Italy (81 responses). The distribution of answers neither statistically represents the population of inlingua learners in each center nor in each country. Statistics, describing tendencies, dispersions and spreads were automatically calculated by SurveyMonkey.

Below are global generalizations, centers with a minimum level of participation have already received individual data reports.

Wilhelm Düggelin
Project Coordinator
inlingua International 

Key Takeaways

  • Across the globe, 94% of respondents are satisfied with VC as a solution during the pandemic.
  • Learners from our VC-sample generally felt that they make the same progress as with classroom training.
  • Within the sample, 93% found the platform to be user-friendly.
  • Worldwide, about 79% of respondents are first time online learners. In terms of satisfaction, there are no significant differences between first time online learners and those with experience. In terms of user friendliness there is a significant difference (Confidence level= 95% p= 0.05) between the two groups. Less of the experienced online learners found the platform user-friendly. This could suggest that the platform is intuitive for new learners but could be made more familiar for learners with experience from different platforms.
  • With 76% of respondents using my.lab exercises, we still have room for improvement. On a positive note, of those who used the exercises, 96% found them to be helpful. Centers could create and capture additional value by promoting the use of my.lab exercises.
  • Many inlingua centers now offer digital services and reach a high degree of customer satisfaction by doing so. Of customers who initially purchased a traditional language course which was switched to the virtual classroom due to the pandemic, 32% would like to go back to the center and 42% would like to combine both virtual class room and classes at the center. Of the latter 49% would consider booking a course with virtual lessons added on top on their normal lessons and 44 % would consider still going to the center but less often, replacing some classes at the center with virtual ones.

Responses to open answer questions are not provided in the attachments as they may contain personal information. Here are three conclusions that are apparent  from learners’ comments:

  1. The training  and retention of trainers is very important as trainer performance and fluctuation take their toll on learner satisfaction.
  2. Training trainers on the use of our online platforms and digital trainer resources was suggested by some learners.
  3. A combination of the flexibility from VC and the personal interaction from physical classroom settings would be appreciated.

The pandemic has accelerated digitalization across the world. Being a local language center with a physical presence is still an advantage. Positioning ourselves as a network of local language centers with superb blended learning capabilities and customer service would be a major competitive advantage over both technological giants and traditional schools.


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